July 21, 2024

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Why You Should Start a Blog About Your Passion

Why You Should Start a Blog About Your Passion

Why You Should Start a Blog About Your Passion

Do you have doubts about starting a blog? If you’re thinking whether or not you should start a blog, then you should read this blog post. If you start to observe today’s world, you’ll notice that we’re going through a big transitional period where technology is changing everything. Therefore, radio, billboards, and TV are replaced by smartphones, Netflix, and social media. People are building million dollar businesses online just because they understand this transition.

The online presence is a great tool now. But it all starts from a specific value proposition, which means that you must have a specialty. It’s often referred to a PASSION because it makes you excited and happy to pursue that thing. Passion could be anything that people discover inside them or inherit through environment over the course of time. The best thing about today is that people cash in on their passion to make a living, thanks to the internet.

Let me connect the dots for you; if you combine your passion with blogging, meaning, you start writing a blog about your passion, you’d be pursuing your passion along with blogging. Now, it may not work for everyone, or it may not be as easy as it looks like, but where there is a will, there is a way.

Why You Should Start a Blog About Your Passion

“Don’t do it for the money, do it because you love it!” You might have heard this word too. I say it and that’s how i started and promoted my blog shamelessly at every avenue, meeting or wherever possible. Because i’m so passionate about it.

Here are four reasons why you should start a blog about your passion:

Pursuing your passion becomes possible


You may not be doing something you love; a lot of people are working jobs they aren’t passionate about or don’t feel excited about their fields. What a blog could help you achieve is that you could pursue your passion through your blog. Now there are certain things you must know if you are considering to launch your blog on your passion. You must do some research before getting into this because sometimes there are some niches that don’t have some demand or monetization opportunities but then there are some evergreen niches too.

In that case, you should consider the second best option that you could work on. For example, if you’re obsessed with bikes and cars, but you want to get into cars blogging, and you don’t find any opportunity to scale your business via car blogging, but you see a lot of opportunities in the bikes niche, then you should consider choosing the bikes niche. It’s not necessary that it would happen, but just in case, something like that comes up, you must know what to do.

After all, when you’re passionate about something, you don’t give up because you love doing it, and when you get some attention, it just produces opportunities for you.

Work doesn’t seem like work


One of the major reasons for starting a blog about your passion is that you don’t get tired of working on your blog. Let’s admit that whether you’re self-employed or doing a job, it is always difficult to do more stuff because you’re mentally tired of long work days.

What happens in that scenario is that when you work on your passion, you don’t get tired because you enjoy doing it. It also applies to the jobs in the industries you don’t like; we all have friends who hate their jobs and always talk about doing something else but they are stuck there.

You have to be thankful if you’re starting a blog around your passion because it won’t be a mental torture. Instead, you’d feel happy about it because the work won’t look like work to you.

You can build a side hustle

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A side hustle is a term used for doing something extra after your main job or business. Whether you work 9 to 5 at a job or you’re running a separate business, you would always be ready to give a few hours between 7 to 12 at night just because you love what you’re doing.

A side hustle could be anything that you want to start but it’s not your income source yet and you can’t wait to make a living from that thing. So when you set up a blog based on your passion, you get a chance to build a side hustle which is also about your passion.

Passion + side hustle is always a killer combination. It could lead to an entrepreneurial journey that you haven’t ever imagined. A lot of people misunderstood the power of blogging, which is why they don’t take it seriously because they think it’s just about writing boring stuff and publishing it online. What they don’t know is that it could turn into a business if someone takes it seriously.

It could take some stress off your mind

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Stress isn’t something an average person doesn’t know or never goes through it. We all feel stressed out sometimes, especially in corporate jobs. If you have a passion that you haven’t talked about yet, then it might be the solution for your stress.

It may sound like a crazy idea, or you may feel that it’s a joke because you work at a bank and you don’t have time at all. Think about this from the entrepreneurship point of view. If you get home at 7 pm every evening, after taking a couple of hours of rest, you could work from 9 pm to 1 am on something you enjoy doing but you haven’t done anything about it.

Not only will it release your stress, but you could also end up building a small business out of it. Think about this because we often hear about work stress from the job holders. If you are one of those people, then think about starting a blog about your passion and take some stress off your mind because it will make you happy.


Starting a blog isn’t just about making money from Google Adsense or making money with affiliate marketing. There are many aspects of blogging. Some bloggers start off because they want to write, other start their blogging journeys because they are passionate about blogging, and some start because they want to communicate on certain things.

It’s up to you what you want to do with your blog. I shared four possibilities with you. Now it’s your decision whether or not you want to start a blog and become a famous blogger and possibly can help you in creating your own personal brand on internet.

Tell me one thing in the comments section before you leave this blog.

What’s stopping you from launching your blog?