June 19, 2024

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Renewable Energy: How do I Choose a Good Solar Company?

5 tips for choosing the right solar company - Solar Service Group

How do I choose a good solar company? Turning to renewable energy is something a lot of people do these days, with the solar panels being the best way to store renewable energy that is at your disposal and it is no surprise that you are curious and are planning on getting on yourself. You might be out here looking for the best solar companies to invest in or the best solar companies to work for.

How to choose the best solar panel company

STEP 1: Compile a list of available solar providers

    This is the easiest way to compare all the solar provides. You could create a document

with all of the details of each company on one page. Compile a list of all of the available

solar providers that are near you (bot small, local businesses, and national companies)

that serve in your state.

STEP 2: Evaluate all the Pros and Cons of choosing a local installer or a national company

This option could come after you narrow down the solar companies that you are

interested in. It is important to know the differences between a local business and a

national company.

National companies are typically more established and they could offer you more

comprehensive warranties, payment options, and maintenance services. Local

companies, on the other hand, are more familiar with your state’s rebates and county

permitting requirements. They serve fewer locations and customers so the process may

move a bit faster.

This part is all up to what you need and where you are located, but just coincides

whether a small or a large company is fit for your needs.

STEP 3: Check for their company credentials

    Experience is more important than size, you could look through the company websites to

find out how long they have been in the business, how many solar panel systems they

have installed, and the types of roofing each company has worked with successfully. 

    Alongside all these, you could also check other credentials. Most companies advertise

their certifications online, but you could also call them to ask about their credentials if it

is not stated on the company site.

STEP 4: Read the reviews 

Reading their reviews would give you an idea of their customer services, and all those

certificates and experiences won’t matter if the company doesn’t treat its customers

well. You could view reviews on websites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau, if 

they aren’t there, ask the company for some references and most will provide 2 or 3 upon


STEP 5: Reviews each of the company’s financing options

In financing solar panels, there are a few ways to do it like paying cash, taking out a loan.

leasing, or entering a power purchase agreement (PPA). If you already have an idea of

how you want to pay for your solar panels, you have to make sure that form of payment is

available in the company that you are interested in. You could consult with each of them

to make your decision.

STEP 6: Request a Quote

With all the information that you have compiled, narrow down your list to five at most.

These would be the companies that you would call to request a custom quote. They will 

schedule an appointment to see the property and accurately calculate the prices and while this is happening, you could go and ask them questions that they haven’t answered yet.

Once you have talked to each company, you could choose the one that stands out for you

and the company that you think is fit with you and your needs. If you haven’t yet, you

could make your decision based on whichever factor is the most important to you.

What to look for when choosing a solar company:

  1. Get in the right mindset
  2. Don’t rely on solar price comparison sites
  3. Get more than one quote
  4. Never select a company only on price
  5. Prefer local companies that have been in the business for a long time
  6. Check that your contractor is licensed
  7. Ask about warranties

Choosing the right solar company is incredibly important. Solar panels may be unfamiliar and picking a solar company could be nerve-wracking because of that. Don’t be intimidated by the technical nature of solar, ask questions! Don’t be afraid! It would all be worth it once you have renewable energy.