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LOBO Application for On Ship Maintenance

LOBO Application for On Ship Maintenance

LOBO Systems: a brief history of what initiated its development and the process

The LOBO System is a simple to use work platform product that combines the versatility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of aluminium tower systems.

It can be assembled by anyone, quickly and safely, without the need for tools, into any shape or size.

25 years ago, Robert Bokros started to develop the system to provide a stronger, simpler, corrosion-resistant, and safer system that can be used by anyone. Specialist scaffolding qualifications are not required, as the clamps are welded into the correct height positions.

The company has developed and grown since then to provide solutions from the smallest single-person podium steps to large scale systems up to 10m high with unlimited lengths and widths.

LOBO is an ISO 9001 accredited company and so has all the necessary internal protocols and procedures in place and it conforms to or exceeds all worldwide safety standards.

 The anticipated impact on the safety of life at sea or onshore 

LOBO will increase safety on board and in port for the following reasons:

It can be built by anyone who has completed the certified training course – no need for scaffolding qualification.

The clamps are welded into the correct position removing the potential to build incorrectly.

It flat packs for safe storage when not in use. It is built without the need for tools.

The components are made from steel and are small enough to be carried by a single person.

It has outriggers for extra stability, adjustable sway braces for extra strength, ladders that are clamped in place, guardrails that can be fitted anywhere, and many more safety features.

The certified training covers procedures that ensure the user is never exposed to a risk of a fall.

LOBO provides online training, and continuing support and guidance, so we can re-certify the crew wherever they are in the world.

When the product was first introduced to the market, and evidence of practicality and achievement of benefits.

Including an explanation of any assessment, by independent bodies, and the cost-benefit analysis. 

OBO entered the market in 1996 and is continually being developed and improved and currently conforms to the following standards:

UK ISO 9001 Certified- annually re-certified.

UK British Standard 1139 Parts 3 & 4. BS EN 1004: 2004 – latest internal assessment 2019

USA OSHA, 29 CFR Part 1926  – latest test 2020

Canada CAN/CSA Z797-09 – latest test 2020

Australia AS/NZS 1576.1:2010 & AS/NZS 1576.3:2015 Tower – latest internal assessment 2019


LOBO has been independently assessed by a global oil company in the US in 2018 and certified to be up to 10 times faster and easier to build than traditional scaffolding.

And independently tested for a global distribution company to withstand up to 4 times the maximum published load rating in 2020.

It has been adopted by a UK oil refinery and, after a 7 year spend of $600,000.00 has saved them $8,128,000.00, between 2014 and 2020.

The initiative achieved by LOBO in improved safety and/or safety awareness

LOBO provides the crew with a simple, easy to use system with a much-reduced potential to build unsafe platforms. It provides a safe solution to build in awkward and restricted areas, which are very common on board. The certified training covers all areas of generic health and safety as well as LOBO-specific safety. The product has been engineered to be built in such a way that the user always remains in a position of safety. LOBO provides sample inspection sheets and maintenance check sheets to ensure its long-term durability and use. And it can be safely stowed away when not in use.  The combination of the product, the training, protocols and procedures, and the ongoing support make for an unbeatable system. And it’s available 24/7, so no need to wait until the ship docks to perform essential repairs.

How LOBO’s initiative will continue to work over the longer term to improve safety

As part of the training, the crew is shown what safety and maintenance tasks they should perform, not only before using the system but also regularly, to ensure the product is in perfect working order. LOBO strongly recommends re-certification training every 2 years, to ensure the crew is working to the latest and safest methods and standards. This is easily done with our online training course. The crew is encouraged to develop and document their build procedures, so it’s done right the first time and every time. There is also a wealth of information, help and support available with brochures, catalogues, product “how-to” videos, webchat, and training documentation, all from the LOBO website, YouTube or direct from the company. LOBO is committed to the continuing development of the system to improve safety whenever and where ever possible. Our customers’ suggestions often help us improve

The anticipated applicability ‘spread’ (e.g., in terms of ships types, sizes, geographical areas etc)

LOBO provides bespoke platforms from standard modular components, so the potential to provide solutions to any vessel is limitless. The size, shape, complexity, or restricted nature of each ship is not an obstacle to the versatility and adaptability of the solution. LOBO offers any size, any shape, anywhere, a one-stop-shop solution to a wide range of complex access issues. We have provided solutions for the UK and US Navy, for Cruise Liners and cargo ships. The same system can be used for maintenance, not only for the machinery, pipework, engines etc of the vessel but also for what’s being carried – for example, aircraft on a carrier. LOBO currently ships products all around the globe and provides the full certified training course online. The certification cards can easily be posted worldwide, and pdf document certificates are emailed when preferred. It truly is a worldwide solution.

How LOBO addresses the ‘human’ element?

LOBO strives to empower its customers to take control of their maintenance tasks safely. We provide all the tools and processes necessary to do this, which is even more important when working at sea, where medical support might not be as readily available. Our training, whether online or onsite, is face to face and interactive. Trainees are encouraged to ask questions and we ask them questions, to ensure understanding. The course comprises a practical session, where trainees build and dismantle systems, a theory session, covering general and LOBO-specific health and safety, and working at height regulations. Then a competency test. Only those achieving 85% or more are certified. We give feedback and we request feedback on us to help us improve. The number of trainees on each course is restricted, to ensure everyone gets the full experience. Once trained, we provide continuing support and keep in regular contact

The innovative features

LOBO is built into any shape or size to fit into the most awkward working at height areas. The load-bearing points are welded into the correct position, and it meets/exceeds worldwide safety standards. The unique patented clamp enables the user to attach round and square tubes together – at any position, guardrails can be fitted where needed. The training and procedures mean it’s always done from a position of safety – users are never exposed to the risk of a fall. Bespoke platforms from standard components – available 24/7 – and safely stows when not in use and expert support.