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Here Are Some Inexpensive Holidays Gift Ideas for Employees

Here Are Some Inexpensive Holidays Gift Ideas for Employees

Inexpensive Gifts Ideas for Employees

Showing your workers appreciation during the holidays helps build morale in the workplace. As Christmas and other end-of-year holidays approach, a part of planning is selecting appropriate gifts for employees. Deciding which gift is suitable may be frustrating, but there is a way to avoid oncoming stress.

One thing to keep in mind is to keep the gift-giving personalized instead of personal. Giving your employees clothing, such as pajamas, cologne, or perfume, is not appropriate for the workplace. While shopping for gifts, express your gratitude in a way that will make your employees feel motivated and valued. Personalized Christmas ornaments are more suitable for recognizing your devoted management team, for example.

In a study, researchers found that employees were more productive after receiving a physical gift. Executives or managers who set aside the time to purchase and wrap gifts influenced team members to feel more valuable for their work. If you need help selecting holiday gifts, here is a list of acceptable items that they will enjoy and cherish. This inexpensive gift strategy can work for great ROI.

Here are some Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Employees

1. Business Card Holders

Corporate gifts during the holiday season might be given to employees, executives, and management. Giving personalized glass business card holders is a perfect option for managers, supervisors, and executives. You can have these holders engraved with an employee’s name and professional title. Members of a team can also give this gift to their leaders.

2. Rawhide Leather Portfolio

Your employees and management will appreciate a rawhide leather or faux leather portfolio binder. You can even have your employees’ initials engraved on the binder. Useful features include holders for a writing pad, pen, paper, and business cards. Additionally, these personalized gifts often come with a writing pad.

3. Photo Mouse Pad

Consider a photo mouse pad for your employees during the holidays. Personalize the mouse pads with a photograph of your team for inspiration and motivation, or you can take a picture of the company’s Christmas tree or other holiday decorations to place on the pads.

4. Executive Nameplates

Nameplates are excellent personalized gifts to give to your executives and upper management team members. Have them engraved with their first and last names and titles. Employees will love receiving this gift after big promotions or for the holidays.

5. Personalized Christmas Cookie Jar

Put a happy smile on the faces of your employees with personalized cookie jars. You can personalize them with the names of each employee. These jars are available in large and small sizes and can be kept on their desks or at their house. Add a box of delicious cookies or a container filled with ingredients to make cookies and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift.

6. Christmas Blanket

In cold weather, Christmas blankets are a warm gift idea. Include a custom message on the blankets made from 100% polyester. Place the company’s logo with your employees’ names in the color of your choice. If you’d rather have something a little more generic, pick out blankets with adorable Christmas patterns. This is a wonderful Christmas gift for employees.

christmas blanket
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7. Engraved Mug

For coffee drinkers in the office, engraved mugs are great holiday gifts. Choose a festive graphic, such as a Christmas tree, reindeer, snowflake, Santa, or snowman. Personalize it with the first or last names of your employees. Every time your employee grabs a cup of tea or coffee, they’ll be reminded of the Christmas gift you purchased for them!

8. Christmas Treat Gift Basket

If the corporate budget allows it, give unique gift baskets filled with delectable goodies. Each basket usually includes a greeting card to add a photo and a custom message. You can choose gift baskets with cookies and sweet treats or go for a basket that includes coffee beans and tea bags.

9. Fruit Gift Basket

Surprise your employees with healthier edible gift baskets during the holidays. They will appreciate the thought of fresh fruits as gifts, including oranges, pears, and red apples. You can personalize the gifts for any occasion, including Christmas, and you won’t feel regret when you aren’t handing out anything unhealthy.

10. Custom Christmas Ornaments

In the 1800s, German settlers introduced Christmas trees to the United States, and late in the 19th century, the first glass ornaments, also from Germany, followed. Ornaments, whether traditional balls or shaped like snowflakes, toys, animals, and more, they remain popular both for tree décor and to give as gifts. You can select ornaments made from glass, wood, resin, or ceramic material with personalized engravings. Keep the Christmas decorations customized with individual personalization.

Personalized Christmas ornaments also make memorable retirement gifts for coworkers. If retirement is close to or during the holidays, consider custom ornaments that your employees can use forever. Express your gratitude with heart-warming messages of appreciation for their service.

christmas ornament
Source: Ilona Kozhevnikova/shutterstock.com

The Best Occasions to Give Gifts

Various research studies reveal that giving gifts to show appreciation to your employees is a good gesture for building morale and motivation. Whether your company can afford something small or large, it’s always the thought that counts!

Inexpensive gifts for employees can give your firm a chance of high productivity return. You should try this strategy for high performance.