June 13, 2024

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Easy Steps to Set up Your WooCommerce Store

How to Setup Woocommerce. 7 Easy Steps to Open Your Store

WooCommerce is a widely used website tool to host online selling platforms. You can easily create a WooCommerce store using your hosting. 

There is a step-by-step process to set up a WooCommerce store quickly. WooCommerce has a current market share of 63.28% among all eCommerce platforms worldwide.

Further, you can opt for sites where you don’t have to worry about maintaining the website. In addition, these hosting providers offer dedicated support to resolve any issues promptly.

With the popularity of WooCommerce, you will find many WooCommerce Hosting in India offering the best hosting plans tailored for WooCommerce.

Choosing the fastest WooCommerce Hosting is crucial as it will result in better web page loading times, ultimately enhancing your website’s overall performance.

When buying WooCommerce, explore the best WooCommerce Hosting providers in India.

Let’s learn more.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin built on WordPress. It helps to create different eCommerce sites and is widely used by small to large-sized online merchants. 

WooCommerce offers comprehensive e-commerce features as a free plugin, allowing users to showcase and customise products on their online selling website effortlessly.

Steps to Set Up Your WooCommerce Store

The following are the most critical steps while setting up your WooCommece Store.

  1. Buying a Domain Name and Web Hosting Account

Firstly, you must purchase a domain name for your business and set up a web hosting account, which is essential for launching an eCommerce store. A domain name is the address entered into their web browsers to visit a website.

  1. Install and Customise WooCommerce Settings

After your domain name is ready, install and configure WooCommerce on your WordPress site. 

First, you must activate WooCommerce to access and customise the settings page. Next, add essential pages like Shop, Cart, Checkout, and My Account. 

Before proceeding, fill in necessary details such as store address, currency, and product units—Configure preferences for shipping, tax, and payment methods.

  1. Add Products to Your WooCommerce Store

After the setup, you can start adding products to your WooCommerce store. First, provide a title and description for each product. Also, configure settings such as prices, inventory, shipping, and related products. Finally, set up categories, tags, and images for each listed product.

  1. Enhance Store Appearance by Customising the Theme

You can use a theme to enhance the appearance of your eCommerce store. First, choose a specialised eCommerce-oriented WordPress theme compatible with WooCommerce. Then, customise the store per your needs.

WordPress sites provide different e-commerce themes in free and paid versions. Then, opt for a clean and elegant layout that complements your store.

  1. Track Online Sales to Gain Business Insights

Track your online sales to gain valuable insights for business growth. Monitor the highest-selling products, conversion rate, monthly revenue, and other vital stats. 

This data helps you make informed decisions, plan effective strategies, and understand your customers’ demographics and shopping behaviour. 

You can utilise this information to build successful marketing campaigns and drive the growth of your online store.


In conclusion, setting up a WooCommerce site is an efficient and convenient way to establish an online store. The user-friendly management process allows you to add and categorise your products easily. 

Moreover, WooCommerce enables seamless integration with various tools to enhance the website’s engagement and user-friendliness, ultimately contributing to its overall success.

Following the steps, you can successfully set up your online store and embark on your business journey.