June 13, 2024

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Benefits of Root Access in Dedicated Web Hosting Services

What is Root Access? What Can You Do With It? - KnownHost

Dedicated hosting is the perfect option for hosting e-commerce websites or the ones witnessing heavy traffic. When you opt for dedicated hosting services, you have access to an entire server and its resources which ensures that the problems associated with sharing resources are not there. Dedicated web hosting services offer advanced security, greater privacy, customisability, and control making it the best solution for high-traffic and business websites. 

What Is Root Access?

One of the major advantages of choosing dedicated hosting services is that you get root access which means you have full control of the server hosting your website. This access can be used for anything you wish to do like hosting multiple websites on it or using third-party software and applications. Root access is available with VPS and dedicated hosting plans. 

When you have root access you can:

  1. Install applications and software any time
  2. Delete applications and software
  3. Tweak security settings as per your website’s requirements
  4. Ensure regular dedicated server maintenance
  5. Have complete control over the resources and their usage.

Root access is not possible in shared hosting since the resources of a single server are shared by many websites. 

Benefits of Root Access

Root access to the server provides you complete control over the server and this can be used to protect your website and its content from various kinds of threats. Here are some benefits of root access with the best dedicated hosting plans:

  • For Regulation of Internet Access

You can use the root access feature to disable internet access to applications that do not require an internet connection to function. This can help reduce the risk of cyber threats that arise every time an application is online.

  • For Basic Port Management

The growing number of cyberattacks can be prevented by taking certain security measures. To prevent bot attacks, you can change the default settings of your server. You should ensure that all the unused ports of your server are closed besides changing the default settings. This is possible if you have root access to your hosting server.

  • Disable hotlinking

You can use the root access feature to disable hotlinking which means that anybody wanting to use an image or video on your website will need to first download it and then upload it again on their website. If you do not disable hotlinking, the links to images on your website can be simply copied and posted on other websites. This will increase pressure on your server since the onus of loading the image remains with you. To avoid such situations, use the root access to change the settings and disable hotlinking.

  • Use Third-Party Applications

Another benefit of root access in dedicated hosting is that you do not require the approval of the web hosting company to install and uninstall any software or applications on your dedicated server. This feature is useful in installing security and other applications that help your website perform better and protect it from malware and virus.

  • Manage User Accounts

You can use your root access to create and design different user accounts on your dedicated server. Use this power to give and revoke permissions to a user to different files. By managing user permissions, you can maintain a functional user hierarchy and prevent misuse of the access.

Root access with web hosting services provides you with the authority to manage your server according to your requirements, put in place settings that reduce the unnecessary load on your server, and provide better safety and security of the content.